Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Still Standing!!

Well, life has been uber busy for me of late, especially at work. It's our crazy busy time of the year when our next year's budget is due. I work for local County government, and a smaller office at that, but for these few weeks, life kinda stands still as we rush, rush, rush to get things done. Every year seems they add more for us to do in a shorter time frame. Thankfully, this year we have a Fiscal Manager and my role has been to assist her, rather than to do the whole thing. Which is good as I suck at numbers! LOL.

Anyway, life next week should be more back to normal for me, and if I think of anything good to blog about, I will. I enjoy reading all the blogs of my friends in the meantime.

Carry on and happy living to all!



Sooz said...

Hang in there through the budget season Ally!

Ooh and as I type Rick/Noah is on GH talking with Anna...between that and Scrubs time it's a good day on the soaps!

lynn said...

How nice that you don't have to do it all on your own this year. Hang in there, it will be over soon! Better to be busy at work though than bored I guess :)

KC said...

That dang old job. Dont they know you have other things to do. LOL Keep blogging. Even though people dont comment, I bet they still read. I know I do. :)

Paula said...

Who KNEW you blogged!!! So glad to have found you here too!!!!!!

Amy said...

Budget, smudget...don't they know that Noah is on GH this week? LOL.