Thursday, October 16, 2008

What GH Used to be (and sometimes is)

The person who put this montage together did a great job incorporating the GH of past with the Night Shift of today. HAD to put it in here. As I am still picking up the pieces and trying to get my life back together after my purse was stolen, sometimes it's nice to escape into the past. And remember--and also forget.

This helps!



(Credit for YouTube video to doode25)


Sooz said...

That was amazing! That needs a Kleenex warning too :).

I wish we got cable TV so I could check out Night Shift, we'll be hooking up soon though due to the DTV thing. NS is getting very good buzz right now!

Girl Rants said...

your blog rocks!

lynn said...

Neat video, I've really been enjoying Night Shift.

Hope the whole wallet fiasco gets settled soon.

Paula Fasciano said...

Ahhhhh....Loved that!!!!!!! Thank goodness there is GHNS...and that season 2 is sooooo much better than season 1....sort of makes the nonsense that is GH tolerable!

LOVE the look of your blog....I followed the link and took a background for mine...and thanked YOU for it!


Michael Manning said...

Ah, just saw Dr. Noah Drake in concert here in Chandler. Such a dynamic performer and so well received by the concert hall!