Monday, August 11, 2008

"Mamma Mia.... I go again. My, my, how can I resist ya?"

Yes I went and saw Mamma Mia, the movie, again! It's only my second time. And I have only seen the stage show twice. And I loved it even more the second time! I have a special fondness for movie musicals (2004's Phantom of the Opera is my all-time fave as I saw it a record, for me, 24 times on the big screen; and I saw Hairspray three times last year, and I think Rent a couple of times. Plus I have all the DVDs of those movies, and have seen POTO even more times than I can count in that format). But I digress....oh yeah, did I mention my previous personal record was 13 times at the theater for Rick Springfield's "Hard to Hold?" Hey, it's my taste and I dig it! LOL.

At first, the sound of Pierce Brosnan singing really hurt my ears. It just didn't seem to "fit" with his macho image as James Bond. When he went into "SOS", I did hear the audience kinda chuckle. The second time, I just sat back and enjoyed what I saw and heard before me. I know I really want to go to Greece sometime as that blue water sparkled like none I have ever seen! Breathtaking....and Meryl Streep, she did a great job as Donna Sheridan. She really did. When she belted out "The Winner Takes It All", it really went straight to my heart. Her sidekicks, Christina Baranski as Tania and Julie Walters as Rosie, were equally fun to watch. And the girl playing Sophie was really a talent to behold.

And to celebrate with my "girls", was a truly awesome experience! The ex-mother-in-law of my friend, Chris, went with us, and she was SO happy to be out of the house and just loved the experience. She commented to me how I must really love life with all I get out and experience. Maybe I rubbed off on her a little bit to go out there and LIVE some more. Who knows? I am sure we will do some more fun girls staycations in the near future. It was a delightful afternoon all around.

In this world of dark, sometimes you just need some light. Mamma Mia is that for me right now. I know I will get around to see "The Dark Knight" eventually, but right now I just wanna sing and dance and celebrate life with a little Abba. Too bad I didn't know how good they are when I was growing up.

It's all good. Now where is my soundtrack from the original live show again? I MUST find help me through my work day.... ABBA makes the work day go around..or a little lighter anyway. :)



Linda said...

I'm sure Jenna will join you in the who saw/heard it more often....LOL...since I introduced her to Phantom through you she has become a fan of musicals...way to go, Ally!!!

Amy said...

I decided I need to go to Greece after seeing this movie too! Hey how about girl staycation in GREECE?? LOL We have the old soundtrack, but we'll be getting the movie soundtrack soon! Glad you had fun with your friends.

Sooz said...

My daughter and I loved this movie! Did you see the sing-along version is out now? I might have to go see this at least one more time too :).

I'm still not used to Pierce Brosnan's singing, and I've been playing the movie soundtrack often LOL. Well, at least he tried :).