Saturday, August 9, 2008

Girl's Getaways

Later today, I am going on a "girl's getaway." Not that kind where one stays overnight (I love those from time to time as well), but going to dinner and a movie with dear friends with estrogen. One is my best friend from high school, Lorri, whom I have seriously known more of my life than not. WAY longer...we are going to take the Frontrunner commuter rail into either Salt Lake City or Ogden, out for a fine meal, and to see a movie (Mamma Mia, which I have wanted to see again).

Should be fun! So much for just "being" this weekend. Well, I can do that two weekends from now.'s nice to have great friends and family to spend time with! I am blesseed....


Linda said...

So, Ally, I see that you are branching out...just happened to catch this at the end of your message and thought I'd check it out...maybe I'll be your first comment!! Jenna, Megan and I saw "Mamma Mia" as a mom/daughters night out and had a great time...was a fun movie to see together...will catch up with you later this week... ((Hugs))

riverWolfi said...

Yay, a blogger I KNOW.
I hope you had fun. I want to see
Mama Mia, but will have to wait until it comes to cable.
Wish I could join in your Girl's
Getaways thing. I'm surrounded
by testosterone! Even the hamster
and one of two birds!

lynn said...

Hey! Welcome to blogland! lol I saw your link at the bottom of a post and had to check you out. I look forward to reading. My mom has been trying to get me to go see Mama Mia. Hope you enjoyed your girl's getaway.