Thursday, August 14, 2008

Every family has it's issues....

...on the next Night Shift, three familes will be forced to deal with them." Or so says this latest Night Shift promo first airing August 12, 2008.

I am really loving this season of Night Shift. Not only have they brought back Robert Scorpio and have been honoring GH's storied past, but they are giving Robin and Patrick some real "couple" time.

And it is good to see Jagger and his son, young Stone. It is also interesting to see how they are dealing with Stone's autism. I truly hope the writers explore Autism Spectrum Disorder in the proper and educated manner with which it deserves. Same with Robin's HIV status. This show can be a bonafide tool in helping get the word out to the masses on both of these conditions. I look forward to the remaining nine episodes, and the birth of the newest Drake-io female baby! :)

(Credit for video above to CaziGirl)

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