Friday, January 9, 2009

Who's Squawking Now? (Jemini and Jazz)

Got these little sound bites from the boys the other day and loaded them to their own web page (which WILL made prettier one of these days)

So now there IS proof of their talking prowess. I really hope to get Jemini saying SHUT UP to Jazz one of these days...

Enjoy! and Jazz.htm


P.S. Some of them may need to be turned up in volume a bit.

<bgsound src="yourfile.mid" loop="1">


Lisa Deon said...

Okay, so if you looked at me last night, that WAS my new hair.

Glad you are back in whatever capacity. You are one of the reason I return. Sundance is way more fun when there are kookie people involved...not to say that you are the kook...but, well, you get it.

Word verification sniglet:

Natefrad: A fraternity just for guys named Nate.

Anonymous said...

That is cool!